Beneath The Skin

August 2021

Managing work, school, and relationships are tough. Throw COVID-19 in the mix, and things get wild. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and alone. Feeling alone additionally makes things harder. That is where Beneath the Skin helps.

Beneath the Skin is a women owned and operated mentor program established in 2015. Their mission is to “provide genuine connection to young women who feel alone through peer to peer mentoring.” Beneath The Skin operates on 3 values: Grace, Sacrificial Love, and Constant Growth. Beneath the Skin operates in 70 cities across the United States having served 285 mentors and mentees since 2015.

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Brittany Mullins, Founder and Executive Director, began her journey that lead to the development of Beneath the Skin in 2008. She was on tour with her husband when approached by a fan who shared her life story. Brittany listened and asked if she could pray for her. They went separate ways and never saw each other again. Through the years, Brittany continued to hear similar stories and decided she wanted to make a difference but did not know how. In Feb 2015.

“75% of mentees said being part of Beneath The Skin ABSOLUTELY changed their lives for the better”

Mentors and Mentees connect at a minimum of once per week via calls, texts, etc. Each month, they schedule a “meet up” to visit in person. Throughout the process, each match additionally has a MEA, Match Experience Ambassador, who frequently checks in to make sure all Is going well. Matches are one year in duration. 

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Mentees report feeling more confident, comfortable in social situations, and less alone and Mentors report they grow as a person, feel fulfilled, become a better listener, and find support and connection as well as a result of BTS. 

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