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December 2021

You wake up in the morning feeling sluggish, walk over to the bathroom and stare at yourself in the mirror. You step on the scale and stare down at that number and wonder “why can’t I just get to where I want to be and look how I want to look?” You go to the gym, you think you eat decently, but for some reason you just gained 2lbs. Could it have been the mega-burger cheat meal you had over the weekend, or is it potentially muscle? Doubt that since you skipped one session at the gym this week. We all go through this inner battle, more often than what you think. Life might get hectic and you might not be able to go to the gym this week, or you might have to eat a frozen meal for dinner because you didn’t have time to buy food and the few veggies you have left are from 2 weeks ago and have now started to grow some weird blue stuff. Then the guilt starts to set in. You’ve tried every diet out there and your weight and emotions just keep yo-yoing. So what can you do? What are you doing wrong? Well let me introduce you to your new best friend and number 1 health goal supporter Coach Bri Franklin from BFrank Coaching. 


Believe it or not Coach Bri has been there too! Although she has always been active and has a lifetime of doing competitive sports and fitness, once she got into university, like many of us, she struggled with nutrition and poor habits and was going through what you are going through. It took her many years before realizing “what it means to fuel, nourish and train in a sustainable way.”

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Coach Bri loves fitness and nutrition and wants to help others get healthy. She opened up her own facility, however she realized that many of her clients were struggling to meet and keep their goals. Wanting to help them, BFrank Coaching was born! Coach Bri is a certified nutritionist through the ISSN, a Precision Nutrition coach and incorporates principles of functional medicine and research into all of her coaching offers. Her goal is to embody the principles that have the greatest impact on vitality and health and showing others that not only is it possible, but it’s SIMPLE to experience the same. 


“The gym is only 3% of your week, I’m here to help you with the other 97%.

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So how does she do it? Coach Bri took over a decade of experimenting workouts and diets until she was able to figure out and create her special formula. The Fundamental Health Formula is a six months educational program for people who want to stop looking for the next fad diet and who want to figure out what actually works for them. Can you imagine the time and energy you could save if someone could just give you the formula to figuring out what is right for you, without you having to do it solely based on trial and error! Coach Bri offers three different plans, of which all of them use the Fundamental Health Formula. It just depends on you, your preferences, and how you want to do things. The first is working one-on-one with her. She will make a personal plan for you based on your lifestyle and your habits/routines and the one and only coach Bri will be your personal coach! The second plan is joining a small group. Coach Bri will use The Fundamental Health Formula and give you the tools without making it your entire life. The third option is getting just the plan. Sometimes you don’t necessarily want a coach because you might be able to do it yourself, you’re just missing a plan. Coach Bri will share the Self Guided Formula and you will be on your way to not just becoming healthier, but sticking with it!

So there you have it, it’s not just YOU! A lot of people are facing the same challenges that you are even after dedicating so much time at the gym or to your diet. Sometimes you just need a little help pinpointing what you’re not doing. If you want to read more about Coach Bri’s methodology you can check out her 4 Systems Guidebook. It’s an interactive e-book that will help you with all of the essential life systems, from meal planning to your daily habits and everything in between!

“ Most of us know what would make our lives better. It’s identifying the specific actions and making them AUTOMATED that’s missing.”

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