September 2021

You’re at your first networking event again since COVID and the first thing that catches your eye is that buffet. It has everything from mini burgers, to mac and cheese, and basically all other awesome event food that you have missed out on for the last year and a half. Since the world is not fully open, capacity is about 50% of what it should be, so you don’t feel bad stuffing your face. As you’re leaving with a happy belly and the event team starts cleaning up the area you notice theres A LOT of food left over. You find the most non-judgmental server and ask if they have any to-go container so you can take some food home since you don’t like to see it go to waste. The server gives you a box and says take as much as you want, believe it or not we have 3 trays of each leftover since the event never made it to capacity. You stare at him in awe and take about three to go boxes, because let’s be real, who can turn down free food when rent has gone up 200%.
Restaurants, hotels, catering companies and other event & food industries ALWAYS make more food than should be consumed. Usually it’s about 10-15% more than the projected turn out. They do this in case people like me(no judgments, please) decide to take more than the estimated two pieces per person. The sad part of it is, there is ALWAYS food leftover. Sometimes the staff will eat it, or they will put it in an employee break room, but realistically they usually throw it away. Can you imagine that? Endless trays of delicious food tossed away. Meanwhile, somewhere in the same area there’s individuals or families that are wondering how they’re going to feed themselves. And that folks brings us to “The World’s Dumbest Problem: Hunger”.

“Every single day, Americans waste enough food to fill a 90,000 seat football stadium to the brim…Meanwhile, one in six Americans is food insecure, meaning they don’t know how and when they will obtain their next meal”

“Hunger isn’t a scarcity problem” at least that’s what Komal Ahmad and the great people of Copia think. During her time at Berkeley, Copia wasn’t even an idea, until she decided to walk down the street that is. She met a homeless veteran and invited him to lunch and she wanted to help. She found it completely insane that this poor man was begging for food when across the street the Berkeley lunch room was throwing away a massive amount of food. And in that thought, the Copia began to take form and officially launching in 2014.

Photos: Copia

“Hunger is a logistics problem. There isn’t a lack of food, rather an ineffective redistribution of excess food”

Copia connects companies that have excess food with non-profit organizations that need food through technology. They have an algorithm that will help figure out who has what and who needs what. Copia will then send a driver out to pick up and then distribute the food appropriately, it’s really that simple! Not only that, every company that participates can even use the donation as a tax write up. So not only are you doing a good deed, but it makes sense for your company too- WIN WIN!

So the bottom line is, hunger is not impossible to eradicate. We just haven’t thought about it enough to figure out the logistics, but Copia has.

So what are you waiting for to start ending hunger:

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