Hu Chocolate

September 2022

Ladies, gentlemen, non-binary friends, this is Hu.
No, Hu. Pronounced like “human”, minus the ‘man.’

Hu makes hella good chocolate with clean ingredients. A square of their hazelnut butter dark chocolate is melting in my mouth right now. It tastes like Nutella grew up, got a job, and went to therapy. 🤤 But the twitterpation-inducing flavors aren’t all that’s special about this company.

Sibling founders Jordan, Jessica, and Jason started getting real fired up about food around 2009 and decided to open their own paleo concept restaurant in NYC. When they couldn’t find good baking chocolate to use that met their standards for both taste and clean ingredients, they made their own. Now you can buy it in most grocery stores across the US, along with a few other new snacks and treaties they produce. We’re pretty focused on the chocolate, but we like the whole company. Here’s why:

Ingredients made easy peasy

It’s not just that Hu is a simple concept (make clean food), it’s that they took something complex and made it simple for their customers. Nowadays it feels like it takes little less than a PhD in nutrition to know what the heck is going on with the ingredients of packaged food. Hu makes it easy. Hu lists what is not included in the chocolate bar (that normally might be) clear as day on the front, and the ingredient list on the back requires no more than my 5-year-old nephew’s reading abilities and general concept of what food is in order to understand.

We also love the slightly more informative than normal allergy statement, the transparency regarding Fairtrade cocoa, and the listing of individual organic ingredients, again, all clearly stated on the packaging of individual bars. Celiacs, people with allergies, and ingredient-list-scanners of all breeds rejoice!

“We’re Hu as in HUman. That means we put the health, welfare, and happiness of humans above all else in the food we make. Sourcing only simple, clean, and responsible ingredients so that all people can get back to feeling human. We go beyond what’s easy and expected to ensure that our products and our practices are ethical and put both humanity and the human body first.”

A story with roots

We’ve heard it said that honesty is the key to success, and that’s definitely true with Hu chocolate. According to their website, asking sincere questions about food and health and then taking the deep learning dives required to find the answers led one of the founders, Jason, to “[fight] successful battles with auto-immune disease.” Color us impressed. Everyone in the developed world is either struggling with auto-immune issues or knows someone who is.

The mission of Hu Kitchen feels genuine, authentic, and relatable. We also like that they’re siblings. Bonus points for being siblings. Very cute of you.

We can also tell that the people at Hu are passionate about their mission because they don’t leave it at “selling good chocolate with the promise of good health”. Instead, they educate the consumer, leaving them with a balanced image of how their product fits into a healthy lifestyle. We love their “What we believe in” section that talks about a whole lot more than food and make it clear that they do not sell a fix-all product.

Photos from Hu Kitchen

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

In the end the real kicker is this: on top of all their other magical qualities, Hu Kitchen never compromises on the thing we all buy chocolate for in the first place – the taste. And meltiness. And smell. Dude, the smell. 😩👌

No but seriously, a lot of bars that market themselves in a similar way for similar benefits, don’t have as good of flavor. Companies like this tend to make chocolate that leaves a particular acidic taste in your mouth, but not this one. This one is pure delicious. As long as you’re a fan of dark chocolate, you’ll love it.

At $6 a pop, Hu is not the cheapest chocolate bar around. But it offers something no one else is offering to the market in quite the same way, at least not that we’ve seen. They’ve clearly found a niche within the busy ecosystem of food production which makes that price well worth paying for the clarity-starved consumer. And we’re right there with them. 🙋‍♀️

In the end, we think Hu is and will continue to be successful because they offer real value to their customers, and they communicate that value well. And they’re effin delicious. We’re glad they exist.

Congratulations, Hu! You are officially Delightful AF! 

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