Lively Productions

November 2021

Lights! Camera! Action! We know and love those statements. But what about:

  • Editor 
  • Director 
  • Colorist …Wait, we need a colorist? What the heck is a colorist????? Hair, talking about hair, right? No??? 😵

When it comes to creating solid marketing, engaging content, and mind-blowing, video magic level edits, we are lost over here! 

Here is how our planning goes:

  • Topic √
  • Bullet point outline √
  • Hair, make-up, smile √√√
  • Ramble on for 20 mins …Dude, this is a 5 min segment 😫🤯😭

Now the project is bottlenecked and you don’t want to even bother recording any more content because it’s not being used anyway. Plus, it’s a little dry and too long and you stuttered at least 10 times and you need an editing ninja, but the last 5 you tried just made you want to kill the project and and and SQUIRREL!

Sound familiar? My cortisol went through the roof just trying to write that run on sentence. Hang in there. It gets better. 

That was the chaotic reality for the Bitchin’ Books for Business crew before Ben Lively Productions arrived on the scene. Ben created some Disney magic with his Hogwarts style wizardry and Voilà, the project is back on track in such a delightful and entertaining, but also educational, way. We really don’t know how he manages, but Torre’s personal testimonial is that he’s a “fucking delight and absolute ninja. It’s so much fun to see what Ben is going to do with my raw videos to turn them into hilarious and impactful YouTube segments.”

Screenshot from Lively Productions

Lively Productions is the culmination of 12 years of experience and growth. From Social media content to commercials and even films, Ben has worked hard to build up the skillset needed to take the stress of media content creation and production off your hands. We’ve seen his work and boy can he take a rough cut of film and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece. Check out what he has been doing for Bitchin Books for Business and for all these other kickass companies. As far as we can tell, Ben has quite the talent for commercial ads and outreachwriting, producing, directing short films (can he act too??), and an eye for photography. Meaning, he’s good behind just about any camera or screen. A master ninja if you will.  


“Creating video content for your business is hard work, but the process can be a lot livelier!”

Screenshot from Lively Productions

Ben has poured his knowledge and passion into improving the customer experience. His expertise and witty sense of humor have allowed him to transform something that can be quite tedious into a fun and rewarding experience. He is taking the pain out of content creation and media production allowing his clients to get their message out to their viewers in an effective way. Start working on any kind of video media campaign and you will soon see what an asset a good media guy can be. 

10/10 would recommend.

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