Mondo Llama by Target

July 2022

So let’s go back to the very dark time of 2020. You know lockdowns, working from home, teaching from home, and A LOT of indoor family time. The first month or two might have been OK, even fun maybe. You finally got to do all these home projects and got the kids to really do a deep clean of their rooms. Well, at least that’s what I was doing. But somewhere down the line, boredom struck. I started crafting with my daughter and we went through the couple of kits we had bought from our local craft store. Soon I had gone through their couple of age-appropriate kits and had to figure out what was next. Not to mention, it was such a hassle making an extra stop, and let’s not even talk about how expensive some of these kits were. Well, apparently I wasn’t the only one crafting and trying to figure out fun and inexpensive ways to keep the kids entertained. According to the 2021 Mintel Arts & Crafts report, more than 50% of families were crafting more this year compared to last. I mean I get it! While the pandemic and forced indoor time is starting to dwindle, my daughter and I made it a habit of doing some sort of crafts during our time together. Now on weekends I still find myself trying to find a new kit we haven’t already done or even something seasonal, at a low cost. Well, guess what I recently discovered… Mondo LLama by Target!

Target has been working on its own crafting brand for about a decade apparently. The pandemic ended up perfectly coinciding with its launch in March 2021. They have all types of crafting materials, from wooden blocks, crayons, unfinished bases, seasonal selections, I mean you name it! And for all of us on a budget, you will be happy to know that prices start at $1.75, and most items cost less than $25. A lot of the name-brand supplies typically start at $3.99! 

Some fun facts about Mondo Llama from Target’s Blog Post: Mondo refers to “something remarkable,” and “llamas are known for accomplishing whatever they set their minds to,”(and they’re just so cute!). The Hues of You skin tone color palette is part of the company’s “commitment to diversity and inclusivity,”. Target says it also commissioned diverse artists from around the world to create over 70 pieces of artwork for Mondo Llama brand packaging.

Personal images of my daughter 

My daughter absolutely LOVES their paintable wooden blocks. Mondo Llama releases several different styles for every holiday and season. Each large block is roughly $5 and they sometimes have a trio set that includes the paint, also for $5! They also have some pretend food that the kids can paint and then play within their pretend kitchen. Sure beats spending $50 on plastic replicas. Every time they play with the colored food they will be reminded of the afternoon you spent with them painting it and if they want to have pink pineapples, then so be it! The possibilities are endless!

So there you have it Mondo Llama by Target is absolutely delightful and we love that they consider cost, diversity, and assortment when making new products. Not to mention being super accessible(we all know that you love to walk around in target with a Starbucks cup in hand). We cannot wait to see what new kits come out. Now excuse me while this llama mama goes for a quick Target run!

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