Sticker Mule

November 2021

Stickers, magnets, and buttons! Oh My! Never has it been so easy to create something so f-ing delightful! Growing up we used to collect stickers. Shiny, sparkly, the kind you scratch and sniff… Not only stickers, but buttons and keychains as well. My college backpack was covered in snarky keychains and dumb looking buttons that caused utter heartbreak if/when they broke off. As an almost 40 year old woman, do you know what I’m still collecting? Buttons, stickers, and keychains. You heard me. No shame in my game. 

Companies have caught on (mostly because they too have a secret stash) and are handing them out like hot cakes. Next time you are at a boutique shop or in that morning coffee line, take a peak around the cash register. I bet you will find a sack of branded stickers just calling your name at $1.99 ea. 

Now that we are all on the same page regarding our secret sticker hoarding addictions, did you know that it is super easy to create your own? I mean, why just be a buyer when you can easily promote yourself to “dealer”? What? Just asking for a friend. Not me. PROMISE!

With so many options available, where can you get the best bang for your buck? Our all-time favorite sticker making source is none other than Sticker Mule! They have all the best options including shiny, ADHD triggering HOLOGRAPHIC masterpieces!!! 

Not Just Branding. Imagine that budding young artist who is now able to create all the mockups their heart could long for and then see their cherished work on windows, laptops, school bags, and more. What a confidence boost! You can even order sample packs to show off your genius to future familial investors.  

Screenshot of Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule knows that wasting time really sucks and is on a mission to deliver the best possible customer experience. They have experts available who will guide you through your sticker-making journey and since their teams are spread across the globe, the advice you are getting is diverse, covering a broad range of expertise. Sticker Mule is currently offering free shipping worldwide and in case our rave review hasn’t sold you on their awesomeness, check out who else thinks they rock.

Screenshot of Sticker Mule

“Wasting time sucks. That’s why we relentlessly focus on making it fast and easy to order custom products. Order in seconds and get your products in days. Free proofs, free artwork help, free shipping and fast turnaround are why people love us.”

Sticker Mule is serious about providing the quality resources you need to build out your brand awareness through their support staff, tools, templates, and their super helpful blog. Not sure where to start with branding, custom mailers, or even how to immortalize that cheeky tweak for all eternity? They do and are happy to share their expertise. 

Need ideas? Their creativity has our heads spinning and our bank account yelling “Uncle!!”

Screenshots of Sticker Mule

Screenshots of Sticker Mule

Things we love: We are in love with their user experience, super fast turnaround, amazing customer care, and super brainy advice from a top-noche team. So far we have tested out so many variations of stickers, magnets, keychains, and acrylic charms. Oh, and a kick-ass wall graphic. We are fans for life, obvi! 

Not sure where to start? Site Map usually works for us. LOL 

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