The STEM Diaries

August 2021

In olden days (not so long ago) girls were told they could grow up to be homemakers, nurses, or assistants. Science and math was for the boys because it’s just how we were made. Here’s the thing, even after realizing girls are just as smart and capable of doing things like complex math equations and risk analysis, it was still almost impossible to find resources that encouraged girls to venture into STEM related fields.

Enter Emily Bayuk and The STEM Diaries! Move over boys! The girls are here and they are taking the world by storm!

The STEM Diaries was created as a way to help students learn about STEM related jobs and find their passion in fields that have been traditionally male dominated. Emily has developed resources to introduce girls to STEM and an academy that will educate high schoolers so they can choose a field of study that is right for them. There is even a book series that has been beautifully broken down in a way that even young minds can grasp and fall in love with science, technology, engineering, and math as early as elementary school.

Screenshot of The Stem Diaries

Emily noticed the lack of estrogen in her high school AP Physics class and again while earning her Electrical Engineering degree at Bucknell University. The fact that she noticed a gender gap is cool, but not why we’re here today nor is it her massively impressive list of accomplishments. (DANG GIRL!) It’s how she has chosen to step up and bridge the gap for girls across the country with her college prep, high school learning program called The STEM Diaries Academy, the free resources she has created for girls interested in a STEM field future, and the time she is putting into developing the future of this next generation through her speaking engagements. We are thrilled to see her passion and can’t wait to see where this goes.

“I’m proud to have been part of the 18% of female EEs at Bucknell University. But, I’m on a mission to change this statistic.”

Until recently, STEM related careers were rarely introduced to girls. Especially at a young age. The lack of exposure and resources has resulted in fewer women pursuing careers like engineering, architecture, science, coding and software development. Resources like the ones offered through The STEM Diaries brings awareness to the ever increasing opportunities found in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Over the past few years we have seen a shift as organizations such as The Girl Scouts Of America and local independent school districts have begun offering classes, activities, and teams that cover topics such as robotics, coding, video game development, and introductions to anthropology, engineering and graphic design. It’s a starting point for others to step in to further encourage and blaze a path for girls of all ages to take a curious dive into this new and exciting world that is only just beginning. The growth is staggering and the possibilities are endless. As a society, we are at the edge of an exciting new chapter where the faces of our future astronauts, engineers, scientists, and physicists are as female as they are male. 

As resources like The STEM Diaries become available, it is our responsibility as fellow women to shine a light on the work being done to improve the future of our sisters and daughters. We can stand in the gap by bringing awareness, giving encouragement, and creating opportunities to learn and grow. IF you are ready to be part of the solution, check out what Emily is doing through The STEM Diaries. We know it’s going to blow your mind.

Screenshots of The Stem Diaries

We are impressed and thankful for Emily and all that she is doing to help bring women into industries like ours. We believe that these industries will grow and change for the better as women step into these exciting and fulfilling careers.  

Here’s what you should check out!

Free Resources: Here you can learn more about engineering, boosting confidence, finding a mentor, and a map of STEM attractions in NYC. There is even a virtual escape room, tech trivia game, and Emily’s fav STEM games and toys! We really dig it. 

Books: In her The STEM Diaries series, Emily breaks down Engineering and Circuits concepts in a way that even those in elementary school can understand and fall in love with. 

Academy: Up next is The STEM Diaries Academy! This college prep course is all a high schooler will need to embark on a future in science, technology, engineering and math. Join the waitlist if you or your student might be curious about what kind of opportunities await in the fast growing industries. 

Meet Emily: If you haven’t already noticed, Emily is incredibly high achieving! Not only is she changing the STEM industries by making them more accessible to girls and women everywhere through the aforementioned resources found on The STEM Diaries website, she is also a speaker and has a career on a cyber security team at Accenture. 

Get Involved: You can support her mission by helping put The STEM Diaries in a specific classroom or organization dear to you by donating here.

Gear: Check out her merch! You know we’ve already ordered her stickers and can’t wait to show them off as we spread the word. 

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