West Pecan Coffee

March 2022

As humans, we look for ways to fit in and feel connected. We gravitate towards atmospheres that are both comfortable and welcoming. If you are wondering how we know just take a look at insanely popular shows like Friends, Cheers, and How I Met Your Mother, which made millions focusing on a small group of friends who have a favorite hangout with that barista who knows their name and favorite drink. You feel me? That’s what you get at West Pecan. A comfortable atmosphere, friendly faces behind the espresso machine, a wall full of games and books just waiting to be enjoyed, good drinks, tasty treats, and plants. So. Many. Plants. There is even a cute outdoor seating area that is all lit up at night. It’s just so inviting you can’t wait to go back.

One of the ways they encourage the friendly, come hang out and make a new friend vibe is through their events such as Friday Night Trivia, Poetry Readings, Happy Hour, and the Pecan Street Collective which is held the first Sat of every month from 10 am – 1 pm and features local artists, handmade items, and live music. You can also find the occasional Modern Calligraphy, Watercolor, or Cookie Decorating class on their calendar. Other past events include Coffee with a Cop, Social Running, live music, and more.

Here’s the skinny on West Pecan coffee beans. When you visit West Pecan, you will see a Bellwether Roaster in the corner. That’s right! They roast their beans with an all-electric small-batch roaster which allows West Pecan to roast fresh coffee throughout the week. This, of course, affects flavor and OMG the smell of roasting coffee that wafts through the shop. Go ahead and put that on your bucket list!

“West Pecan Coffee + Beer loves being a place in the Pflugerville community where everyone feels welcome and cared for! We love craft coffee and beer and all the tasty things that go with them. Grab a friend and come hang out with us!”

While you are visiting West Pecan, go ahead and plan on ordering their signature latte. Our favorite is the Pecan Sunrise, an espresso-based drink with oat milk featuring a roasted pecan, sweet bourbon, and orange zest reduction. If that doesn’t have you running to your future office away from home, there are plenty of other specialty lattes to chose from (Everything Nice, Cinnamon Solstice, and the Sage and Rosemary just to name a few) all crafted with coffee syrups made in-house. We dare you to ask your barista about their syrups and roaster. It’s so cute to watch faces light up with pride while they talk about some of the things that make them so special.

Not a coffee devotee? (gasps in horror!!) Not to worry, there is something for you too. Tea, cold-pressed juice, beer, wine, kombucha…. The list goes on until your face lights up. Not only do they have beverages galore, you will also be tempted with fresh pastries, muffins, sandwiches, and so much more. Our recommendations are hands down the Cardamon Cream Pillows (these sell out fast!), the Keto Bagel, Egg Bites, and the Honey Lavender Buns . To be clear, we have loved everything we have tried, but if we had to choose favorites…

Now if you are the coffee lover we believe you to be, you will want to check out their Roaster’s Choice Subscription. Simply choose your desired frequency and grind. Their team will handle the rest. Why risk running out of coffee when you can have a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans delivered straight to your door? If that wasn’t reason enough, did you know that West Pecan has a local, non-profit support program and that a portion of the West Pecan Blend retail coffee bag sales go straight to non-profits near and dear to their team? Well, now you know and should try it out ASAP.

P.S. Non-profits can ask to be added to the list. Super cool.

Other cool things to know about West Pecan:

  • They are Women-Owned. We are too so we dig this big time.
  • They give back by donating to non-profits and by hosting events that highlight local businesses, artists, and food trucks. Yep, food trucks.
  • These guys have a big heart for their neighborhood and look for ways to foster a sense of community through events they sponsor.

We hope you are craving some liquid gold and a flaky pastry right about now. We make a trip to West Pecan at least once a week and hope to see you there.

For more information check out the links below:

Roaster’s Choice Subscription
Online Ordering
Upcoming Events


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